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ROSCEY's ideology

eSports and gaming is a constantly growing market, which has exploded in recent years. The prize money is getting higher, the games are getting more, the spectators and players are getting bigger. Because of this, more and more people spend time in front of the monitor and do not deal with themselves, such as a healthy diet. Players and viewers, who are mainly teenagers and young adults, are eating more and more unhealthy things like fast food, sugary drinks or unhealthy sweets. We as a gaming organization have taken a closer look at this problem and have come to the conclusion that we want to change something about it. With various events, fitness related content and an awareness campaign, we want to tackle this problem and significantly restructure and improve the eSports and gaming sector. Our goals are clearly to promote our own players through a healthy diet in combination with enough sports besides the time in front of the PC, as well as the education of the entire gaming sector and the change of this to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Our motto and guideline is: "#GetTheBalance", finding the balance between a balanced lifestyle and spending time in front of the computer.